3D Animation / Compositing: Remco de Bont

3D Animation / Compositing: Bram Cardon

3D Animation / VFX Supervisor: Nick van Heugten

Edit: Jim Peeters

Concept: Ingredientmedia

Project management: Ingredientmedia

DAF Trucks Next Generation DAF reveal movie

3D animation

With Ingredientmedia & DebontDigital i helped developing this DAF reveal movie for their next generation DAF. The XG XG+ and XD.

We worked months on the new show, which was shown in the DAF Experience Center on a meters wide screen. This was a full 3D CGI production where we took DAF his standards to a new level. Some parts of the movie are also available on the DAF Youtube channel with over millions of views.

Other projects

16 meters wide,180 Degrees production

The production was build in 7K. This took alot from us, as well as the computers and renderfarms. The full video is visible in the Experience Center at their production facility.

The new XF Electric

On behalf of Ingredientmedia, i also produced this complete CGI Animation from their new XF Electric truck!