Infinity Print Web development


Bas from infinityprint is a close friend of mine. We had some great lunches througout the years, and he needed some support with his website. Now what you probably would’nt guess. But i do have some webdevelopment experience, so i’ve helped him making his website in a very modern jacket!

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For InfinityPrint’s website, Bas picked his theme himself. And kept running into a wall with the development which already took him over 1/1,5 years. That’s when i stepped in. With a fresh restart and some custom HTML and CSS we’ve bended the theme complete to his likings!

Before tattootiles was made, i made the site for bas. Same style, different content! Check it out


From friend to client, to a better friend

Working with Bas was like cutting through butter. He’s a great person, a good teacher with a clear mind, and one of the honest people i’ve worked with. He helped my grow in my career and as a person as well. Thanks Bas!